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YI Smartphone Gimbal
Phone.  Camera.  Action.
  • 3-Axis
  • 360° Pan
  • Smart Track
  • Wireless Control
  • Panorama Mode
  • 8 Hours Battery Life
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YI Smartphone Gimbal
Cinematic footage
on your smartphone
YI Smartphone Gimbal
With the YI Smartphone Gimbal you can capture incredible professional looking footage on your smartphone. The YI Smartphone Gimbal is a 3-axis gimbal with 3 operating modes, and lets you capture clear, stable images in almost any environment. Make everyday smartphone footage look like an epic motion picture.
Stabilize the Fun
With high precision sensors and brushless motors, footage that is usually prone to shakiness can be stabilized.
Keep focusing on the fun and let the YI Smartphone Gimbal take care of smoothing out the bumps.
Without Gimbal
With YI Smartphone Gimbal
360° Pan Axis
With 3-axis there is more flexibility to shoot the angles you want, and with a full 360° pan axis you can get more coverage of the scenes you want. Get the desired angle with some of the smoothest footage.
YI Smartphone Gimbal
Integrated Bluetooth
Easily connect to your smartphone using the integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0. Just turn on the gimbal and connect to your smartphone’s Bluetooth.
YI Smartphone Gimbal
Wireless control
Once connected to Bluetooth you can control your smartphone’s camera from one place, with one hand. Use the gimbal shutter button to stop/start recording and the Mode Button to change operation modes.
YI Smartphone Gimbal
3 Operation Modes
YI Smartphone Gimbal
Pan Mode
Tilt and roll locked, the pan axis follows
the movement of the gimbal
YI Smartphone Gimbal
Pan & Tilt Mode
Roll axis locked, pan and tilt axis follow
the movement of the gimbal
YI Smartphone Gimbal
Lock Mode
All axis are locked, joystick can
control direction of the gimbal
Smart Track
With SmartTrack enabled, the gimbal uses its powerful brushless motors to follow your selected subject and capture stable footage. Whether it’s small vibrations, or more intense instability, the YI Smartphone Gimbal stays steady and on your subject.
  • YI Smartphone Gimbal

Panoramic Mode

(180°/360°/ Ultra Wide Angle)

Activate panoramic mode and the gimbal will take a series of photos in Pan mode to create an ultra-wide panoramic picture.

Easy to Use
Unlike other handheld gimbals the YI Smartphone Gimbal keeps things simple so you can focus on capturing great footage. It has a simple interface that makes control and mode switching easy, innovative, and intuitive.
to Carry
As well as a simple interface the YI Smartphone gimbal is comfortable to hold and easy to grip, so you can film without strain.
Up to 8 Hours
Battery Life
Two built-in rechargeable batteries each with a capacity of 850mAh gives the gimbal a battery life of 6 to 8 hours, on a single charge.
YI Smartphone Gimbal
YI Gimbal App
The accompanying app provides a user friendly experience with more features to capture original content. Use Smart Track, Panoramic Mode, and Long Exposure (iOS) to get the most out of your YI Smartphone Gimbal.
YI Smartphone Gimbal

Explore more,
capture more.

Whatever your scenario the YI Smartphone Gimbal delivers cinematic-like footage. Explore more and capture spectacularly smooth footage without a professional camera.

YI Smartphone Gimbal
Capture stable footage from your smartphone with more control, more battery life, and more comfort.
YI Smartphone Gimbal
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