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YI Technology releases YI Handheld Gimbal for 4K Action Camera
With a controlled 3-Axis head with 3 stabilization modes, YI Gimbal captures fast moving
images such as sports, motion, driving cars, and animals and produce stabilized footage
Berlin, August 2, 2016 - YI Technology, the leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, has announced today the launch of YI Handheld Gimbal for YI 4K Action Camera, the first and only action camera that provides 4K30 video recording with the longest ever recording time.

The imaging leader is presenting its key products at IFA in Berlin (2-7 September, 2016, Hall 6.2a / booth 136), one of the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.

Compact, lightweight, with a controlled 3-Axis head with 3 stabilization modes and up to 3 hours battery life, the YI Handheld Gimbal captures fast moving images such as sports, motion, driving cars, and animals and produces stabilized footage. With YI Gimbal users can finally say goodbye to shaky videos for good.

YI Handheld Gimbal showcases an advanced 3-Axis, built-in high precision sensor and responsive brushless motor, which overcomes real bumps and compensates for camera shake

With 3 stabilization modes, the YI Gimbal allows variety of options. With Pan Mode: Pan axis follows the gimbal’s movement while the camera remains locked in tilt and roll to remain upright. With choosing Lock Mode, the Roll axis is locked, tilt and pan axis rotate to follow the gimbal’s movement. By Pan and Tilt Mode all axis are locked and the gimbal only faces one direction. Easily and conveniently switch the Control Mode with the gimbal in one hand.

The latest release of the global imaging leader, YI Technology, is portable and practical. It features an ergonomic design that fits smoothly in your palm for comfort and security. Compact and portable, easy to pack and carry for all your adventures.

Universal ¼” thread mount and compatible with YI Selfie Stick - features a simple twist-and-lock function and rotates 360° horizontally and 180° vertically and is adjustable from 7” to 28”. Universal ¼” thread mount allows you to use YI Handheld Gimbal with YI Selfie Stick and other YI mounts. Never be limited by the length of your handheld gimbal again!

Notes to Editors:

The YI Technology brand is referred to with YI in upper case.

YI Handheld Gimbal Tech Specifications:
Operating Temperature: -40 °F ~ 185 °F
Battery Life: 3 hours
Two 18350 rechargeable battery
Section 218 350 Battery
Operating Voltage: Standard Value : 8.4 V; Range: 6.0V ~ 12.0V
Motor overload protection current: 1A
Dimensions: 95mm x 77mm x 75mm
Weight: 210g

About YI Technology:

YI Technology is a leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services and platforms. Our development team consists of the industry-leading experts from US, China, Japan and Israel with hundreds of person-years of experience in imaging technology, algorithms, data analysis and mobile applications. We are committed to using innovative technology to make everyday life safer, richer and more fun.

We believe the very best imaging and sensing technology should be easy and accessible to everyone. With our passion, hard work and commitment to combine the highest quality and value, millions of users from every corner of the world and all ages are feeling greater peace of mind, inspiration and connection with their families, friends and communities. For more information visit: www.yitechnology.com.

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